On the day

Colchester Carnival Procession

1pm to 3pm

The carnival aims to feature the best of the Colchester arts community. There will be over 40 groups in the procession, featuring over 1,000 performers. The procession is over a mile long!

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Carnival route

Colchester Carnival Procession map

The carnival procession starts at 1pm. The route starts from Abbey Field (Circular Road North), continues on to Butt Road, Head Gate, Head Street and finishes at the end of the High Street. You just need to find a suitable space for your family and wait for the free fun to pass you by.

Charity collection

We will be collecting for our nominated Colchester charities The Haven Project and The Robin Cancer Trust. All of our expenses are covered completely, so 100% of your donations will be divided between these great local causes. We expect to give between £8,000 and £10,000 to these charities. Please make sure that you only give to official Colchester Carnival collectors as other charities have attempted to ‘steal’ our donations in the past! You can identify official collectors with their Colchester Carnival themed buckets and vests.

Arrival times

Here are approximate timings for the arrival of the carnival:

  • Circular Road North – 1.00pm
  • Butt Road – 1.05pm
  • Southway – 1.15pm
  • Headgate – 1.20pm
  • High Street – 1.30pm
  • Colchester Castle – 1.40pm

The carnival procession should finish by 3pm at the latest. Expect the procession to take 45 minutes to pass your viewing point.

You can watch for free at any point along the route. Please bear in mind that certain places along the route are very busy – particularly along the High Street. 15,000 spectators viewed the event in 2015.

Viewing space on the High Street will be limited due to the fact that the market will be in place at the top, opposite Williams & Griffin. Please plan your attendance to avoid crowded areas.

Please also note that any street hawkers are unlicensed and not sanctioned by Colchester Carnival. We would recommend that you do not purchase items from these people.