The Haven Project

This year’s Colchester Carnival profits will be donated between 2 local charities. Half of your donations will go to the Haven Project.

Who do we help

The Haven project supports the recovery of people who have been diagnosis with Personality Disorder. This is a mental health condition which arises (in 86% of cases ) from serious neglect or abuse in early childhood. In adulthood this can lead to the person having difficulties with emotional regulation and maintaining healthy relations. Daily living often becomes tortured and destructive.

What do we do

We offer recovery groups where clients share experiences and under professional guidance explore new and positive ways of dealing with their distress. Clients can also meet our qualified staff face-to- face and pursue their recovery progress in this setting. Finally we have a crisis prevention service which offers calls, face-to-face contact and out -reach. This service helps to prevent clients from self –harming or overdosing and so avoids attendance at A&E and admission to inpatient. Our clients are part of every element of our service delivery.

Why should you support us

The client group is often overlooked or receive inadequate or worse still inappropriate services. Our all-round inclusive provision is effective and achieves recovery. It saves money by avoiding expensive hospital contact. It saves lives: we have a less than 1% suicide rate over 12 years compared with 8-10 % national average.